Poetry Challenge #48 – Circles and Cycles

Image ©Pauline Eccles

It’s Monday, and what better way to start the week than with a poetry challenge. This one comes courtesy of Jane Dougherty – I’ve participated in a few of her challenges now and, not only have I enjoyed them, I’ve learnt a bit about different poetry forms too.

This week the form is a circle – the last word of each line gives the rhyme to the first word of the next line, and the first and last line must be the same. The prompt is this lovely image of windfall apples, exploring the idea of cycles and the change of seasons. Here’s my attempt:


Round and firm

Worm crunches ripe flesh

Mesh of light and shade.

Blade, a sharp and silvery wing;

Sting of wasp on open hand.

Unplanned; the apple drops to ground

Round and firm.

Today is the last day to participate in this challenge, but, if you’re quick, you might get one done. For more of Jane’s lovely writing and challenges, visit her blog 🙂

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