Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories now Released!

Nicholas Rossis is a great writer. He’s also a very generous blogger, always ready to offer advice and encouragement to fellow writers, myself included. He’s just released a new collection of short stories but, due to the Greek debt crisis (he lives just outside Athens), he’s unable to launch the book as he would like to. So, here’s my little contribution to spreading the word on his behalf. Take it away, Nicholas!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Woo hoo, exciting stuff! As promised, Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories has now been released and is available on Amazon. In fact, it’s free on Kindle Unlimited!

I was planning on a big promo, but all of my funds are currently frozen (they have even forbidden us access to our safety deposit boxes). Even worse, PayPal has suspended operations in Greece (although I’m busy opening a new, UK-based account). So, I would very much appreciate any help in spreading the word while this mess is sorted out!

The anthology includes the following stories:

  1. Infinite Waters“: A woman seeks her future at a carnival. She discovers more than she expected.”
  2. The Things We Do for Lust“: Beware of Greek gods bearing gifts.
  3. The Twist in the Tale“: A confused woman meanders through a sleepy town. But not all is as it seems.

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