Wednesday Wander, Sacre Coeur, Paris

sacre-coeur-1It’s my birthday in a few weeks’ time, and I’m very excited about it. Not so much for the event itself – I mean, I still quite like birthdays, but they do seem to be adding up in recent years. The reason I’m so excited is that one of my best friends from Australia is coming for a visit, and she and I are going to Paris for the weekend. We’ve booked rooms in a charming small hotel where we’ve both stayed before, although not at the same time, we have seats on the Eurostar, and really, it’s going to be lovely.

The hotel we’re staying in is not far from the Montmartre district and the imposing dome of Sacre Coeur. There is also a nearby street market where, last time I visited, oranges still with their leaves were piled high on tables, while the scent of fresh bread and raspberries filled the air.

sacre-coeur-2Construction on Sacre Coeur, or Sacred Heart, started in 1875 and was completed in 1914. Built as both penance and memorial for the 1871 defeat of French troops during the Franco-Prussian War, the basilica is located high on a hill overlooking Paris. It’s a beautiful building and the interior is spectacular, with four huge stone angels inside the large dome looking down at the worshippers – however, I wasn’t able to take any photographs. A perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament has continued uninterrupted there since 1885, and so for that reason visitors are asked to dress appropriately, be as quiet as possible and take no interior photos, so as not to disturb the worshippers.

The view outside is also spectacular, and you can see Paris in all directions. My then four-year-old daughter took the photo below – I think the view impressed her too.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Paris again, and hope to visit a few other destinations this year. Of course, I’ll share them with you. Thanks for coming on this Wednesday Wander with me – see you next time!

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23 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander, Sacre Coeur, Paris

  1. Happy early bday! Mine is Monday. Hurry up and tell me how young i am because i agree they’re adding up. ..and more quickly with each passing year! I can’t wait to see your post all about it! You’re going to have a terrific time. 2017 is going to be the best year yet!

  2. Been twice as part of 25 and 40th wedding anniversary meanders. The view of Paris we have that photo and endless memories too. Enjoy yours and your Birthday when you stand there too.

    • Oh, there will be doors a plenty, I’m sure 😀 And yes, you’re absolutely right. Saw a t-shirt the other day, it was a Game of Thrones one and it said ‘Queens are born in March’. I was very tempted to get one 😀

  3. Lucky lady! I’m a philistine but the Eurostar was one of my favourite memories of Paris, along with their courtyards, stunning doors, downstairs kitchens uncurtained for all to see, and the banks of the Seine. It’s one of those cities that makes me wonder what it’d be like to go if I were stupidly wealthy. Hope you have an amazing birthday 😀

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