#writephoto – Memory and Ruin

Sue Vincent has a knack for capturing stories in photographs. This is her #writephoto prompt for this week, and here is the story it revealed to me:

‘It’s not much, but it’s ours,’ he said, whisky brown eyes crinkling at the corners. She squealed, laughing as he scooped her up in strong arms to carry her over the threshold…

… the baby cried, curve of downy cheek golden in the light of the fire, until his mother picked him up, cradling him close…

…’Catch me if you can!’ the boy called, running out into the small yard, his sister toddling after him…

…’I’ll love you forever,’ he said, voice choked with emotion, two children clinging to his legs, their mother pale and cold in the bed…

…’I’m getting married,’ he said. ‘Will you be there, Da?’ His sister cried, coming to hug him, their joy ringing from the old walls…

…’He’s with Mama now,’ the young woman said, her hand tight in that of her betrothed, tears on her cheeks…

…’That’s everything cleared out then,’ he said, locking the door and slipping the key into his pocket. He put his arm around his sister’s shoulder and they stood for a moment, before turning and walking away…

The old cottage shrugged and sighed, another tile falling, another memory smashing into dust. Yet there were more where they came from, each stone, each rotting timber, telling a tale, until there was nothing left to tell.

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25 thoughts on “#writephoto – Memory and Ruin

  1. Love how you did that, Helen, weaving a patchwork of events into that cottage’s tumbledown history… very well done!

  2. I like the ingenuity of letting your story’s structure tell the tale. A notch above most of the writing on WordPress.

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