Over The Hills and Far Away


I am taking a little break from blogging. Just for a few days.

A trip to the mountains beckons, and with it some time to refresh and renew. Also, No Quarter, the second book in the Ambeth series, needs a nice solid edit so I’ll be venturing into the woods again, working through what happens next for Alma, Caleb and Deryck. And finally, I might get a little bit of time to read for pleasure. I’ve a couple of books to get through, Rise of The Prince by Nicholas Rossis (which I’ve already started and am enjoying), and Ordinary Handsome by Stephen Baird (which I’ve not yet started, but am looking forward to getting into).

And lovely Chris at The Story Reading Ape has kindly offered to feature me as one of his Guest Authors- the post is due to go live tomorrow so please do take a look and, while you’re there, take a wander through some of the other interesting material on his blog – it’s a great resource.

So I’ll be around for messages and things like that, and will be back soon with, hopefully, some new content. I’m also about to get back on the submissions trail with a new book called A Thousand Rooms. So I’ll let you know how that goes…

Until then… xx

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