Interview with Helen Jones, #BlogBattle “Hair” Winner

A couple of weeks ago I won Rachael Ritchey’s Blog Battle, and today I’m being interviewed on her site – pop on over and take a look!

Rachael Ritchey

I’m far behind on my interviews, but we’ll get caught up! A few weeks ago the lovely Helen Jones from Journey to Ambeth won our “Hair” Blog Battle with her story, Behind the Mask. It is a power bit of historical fiction. I hope you’ll swing over and take a gander. But first, let’s get to know Helen!
Welcome to the blog, Helen. Thanks for stopping in for this bit of friendly questioning. We won’t keep you long, but we’re curious:
1) When you chose to become a writer, what was the number one obstacle you had to overcome? How?
When I knew I had a story I wanted to write, the hardest thing was sitting down to actually write it! Even though I’d been writing for other people for several years, sitting down to write a full length novel made up of my own ideas seemed an impossibility…

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