Planning Ahead


Happy New Year!

I’ve blogged about this before, the way it feels when the gorgeous child goes back to school, the quietness in the house, the change in the air as I write uninterrupted and how I miss her so. The wheel of the year has turned once more and we’re back into a new term, the seasons swinging slowly towards the promise of summer. And so now I’m back at it, sitting at my desk and planning ahead, editing and blog writing and projects underway, the house (reasonably) clean and tidy so I can concentrate on words for a little while.

This year I hope will bring the publication of my first book, Oak and Mist, with the next two instalments all ready for editing and publication as well. I’m also planning to explore the blogosphere a bit more, hopefully to find new voices with with to connect, new work to read. I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve learned so far and the confidence I’ve gained in sharing my writing with others, simply from doing this blog. I also plan to get back to regular posts again, weekly at least if not more often.

If you’re already following me, thank you so much! As I say, there will be more news and musings and writing bits as the year unfolds, so thanks for being on the journey with me. Thanks also to all of you for the likes and comments – feedback is always appreciated.

xx Helen


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