Clearing My Mind

What do you mean, I have work to do?

Most days I count my blessings as I sit down at my computer, happy to be writing, to have my family, to be living here.

And then there are days when really, all I want to do is sit on the couch and binge watch Avengers movies or Game of Thrones, or the Tudors. Or something. Just eat crisps and have endless cups of tea and ignore the washing and tidying that needs to be done. Sit in the sunshine and drink cider, go to the shops and spend money I shouldn’t. Be a bit naughty. Let it go.

That’s pretty normal, right?

And so it is today. I have work I should be doing. Work I’m supposed to be doing. But instead I’m fiddle faddling around with Homes Under the Hammer and Twitter, writing blog posts like this one and yes, the crisps have already been opened.

I’ve done some writing, sure. I’ve written a letter to a magazine about something I read recently. I commented on someone’s post. I’ve written this post. I’ve started another. I’ve even written the first sentence of some actual paid work (with plans to write a little more later, honest).

I think I’ve mentioned the fact that I like to meditate. I used to be really good at doing it every day without fail, and in fact it helped me sort out a whole bunch of stuff, clearing my mind in every way. These days I don’t do it as often as I should but I still find, when I do, that it’s a great way to clear the clutter and get set on what I need to do next. And I also think, when I have days like this, that it’s another way of clearing the clutter. As I potter about doing a bit of this and that, I’m actually clearing a whole bunch of crap out of my mind leaving it clear and ready to focus later. I have a deadline to meet, which I know I will do, and editing to work on. I have emails to write and parcels to send. There is laundry and cleaning and cooking to do, the day-to-day minutiae of managing a house and family. You know what I mean. And I’ll get it all done.

But I might watch some X-Men movies first.

(And yes, I know I’m lucky to work from home and be able to do this once in a while. Another blessing counted 🙂 So I’m not complaining, simply observing how my day is today. How’s your day going?)

7 thoughts on “Clearing My Mind

  1. I understand those sorts of days. They’re frustrating, but I also think necessary to ‘clear the clutter’ as you say.
    On a side note, my daughter and I did a meditation workshop a couple of weeks’ ago. I loved it, and even used the CD last night with my 12-yo son before he went to sleep (he tends to have existential crises as he lies in bed waiting for sleep!). It helped him, too, and he seemed to relish it. I’m amazed by just how powerful it is and hope to make it a regular part of my day, too.

    • That meditation workshop sounds great 🙂 I also did a short course before starting a regular practice which helped ‘ease’ me into it. Once I meditated regularly I found that it literally changed my life (for the better). I know that sounds a bit much, but I really did get so much from it and I’m much more mindful now and aware of when things get ‘cluttered up’, usually when I’m stressed. So I’ll be interested to hear how you go with it 🙂 xx

  2. That was my day Saturday! Just had to reset. Checked emails, meditated, a lot, slept, a lot. Played with my dog. I also work from home. I had tons of work to do but could barely think about it, my mind went on a protest since I’d been working for several weeks straight through weekends, so I just took 24 (hours) to regroup. Definitely worth it!

    I know some people who call it self-indulgent. I call it necessary.

    • Yes, that’s it – it’s a reset! And it does feel very self indulgent, especially when things need to be done, but I’ve learnt I just have to go with it (if I can), otherwise I won’t get anywhere 🙂

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