Head Full Of Words


Some of my peonies, still damp from the rain.

This morning I woke with a head full of words.

Dancing around, they refused to let me back to sleep and so I gave in to their incessant call, getting up and going downstairs to the kitchen. I had woken hungry as well (not unusual for me) and as I busied myself making toast and tea I thought about those words and what to do with them.

Through the kitchen window my garden was dusted with early dew, fairy lights still sparkling in the clematis. The sky was fresh and clear, first blush of dawn above the distant trees and rooftops. It was one of those perfect early summer mornings, when the day seems to hold infinite promise, gold light on green leaves. The birds were up as well, adding their melodies to the dance of words – I wondered, do they wake with heads full of song?

It’s a perfect time, before husband and child wake, when the house is mine alone, shadowy with morning. I am an early bird most days and make the most of it, reading, catching up on the news and planning my day. But this morning I needed to write, the words tumbling around and refusing to leave until I put them on paper. So here are some of them, to share with you.

6 thoughts on “Head Full Of Words

  1. I’m consistently awake at 4.30am every day… At weekends I don’t mind, but on work day i seem to really irritable haha! It’s nice to have that time to yourself!

    • Yes, I wake early on weekends too, but it doesn’t seem as annoying – perhaps it’s because there’s no alarm? 4:30 is a bit early even for me though – I think it was my stomach as much as the words that woke me up today. Do you have to wake that early, or is it something that just happens?

    • Thanks Louise 🙂 Yes, Aussie winters are a lot darker and colder than people think, aren’t they (unless you’re up north). Coming back here made me realise how I had missed the progression of seasons as they are in the northern hemisphere – it never felt normal to me to have a hot Christmas. But then I’ve friends in Aus who’ve had cold Christmases and said they felt very strange too!

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