Beauty Spots


This idyllic scene was photographed just a few minutes walk from my house. It’s lovely, isn’t it?

Would you believe me if I told you it’s also minutes from a busy A-Road, a train station and a supermarket? That it’s in between a large retail and business park? Perhaps you’d be more likely to believe in an ancient flint church and a wooded ridge, both of which are also close by.

There are many layers to our world and I believe that beauty is everywhere, if we care to look for it. While it’s important to acknowledge both the good and the bad, choosing to focus on things we find beautiful, rather than being dissatisfied, can be a powerful tool for change.

In my Ambeth books I write about the Balance, that which lets enough darkness into the world that we can appreciate light. Even when we’re surrounded by ugliness, hopefully we can find something there that makes us happy, or gives us hope.

So take a look around wherever you are today, and see if you can find something of beauty there. Share it with us all in the comments, if you like 🙂

21 thoughts on “Beauty Spots

  1. yep there is beauty everywhere, even in the dog pulling apart a cushion (which is the scene in front of me just now – a sort of kapok blizzard, electrified snow)

  2. What a lovely, thought provoking post, Helen! And you are so right. That is a beautiful peaceful spot, you would not think it was smack dab in the middle of an urban area.

    I live in a very rural part of Ireland, yet it is still dominated by man and heavily farmed. When I go out walking my dog, though, I see so many pockets of land which have just been left to nature in between the fields. And somehow, that gives me hope. These little wild spaces are microcosms of wilderness, capable of supporting and sustaining wildlife as nature intended, and that makes me feel happy.

    Sometimes I peer into them and wish I could go exploring, but I never do, I just feel its not my place. It’s enough knowing they are there.

  3. I so agree! I’ve found many spaces of the world that are untouched by man that are truly beautiful (Tasmania is a treasure trove)—nature really knows how to get it right! There are also places that man has made that are beautiful—like this bridge, and other art and architecture. I agree that focusing on good in people and beauty in the world makes us happy, it truly does. I must add, it’s easier for some than others. I know that from personal experience, but also from speaking with people who’ve experienced more severe trauma than me. However, I think you have the right mix—compassion for those who are doing it tough, and an appreciation of all that is beautiful in this world! It’s uplifting to be around you. xx

      • I love reading your blog, even if I don’t always have the time to comment. In your posts, you convey some of the beauty you find in the world, and I love that you share that with us. It’s important for people like me, who see it and really want to enjoy it, too, but sometimes get caught up in the angsty side of things. You’re a gentle reminder of a kinder, nicer world. Thank you.

      • Thanks Louise, that is just lovely of you to say. I have had dark days and my own journey out of them, so sharing what I find beautiful is a reminder to me also. And if you and other readers appreciate this as well, then I’m very pleased and touched. xx

  4. This is so interesting Helen, I write about darkness and lightness too, and the interplay between these two forces. Sometimes I like to write humour, too I alternate between these themes. Lovely post, yes there truly is beauty all around, in the most unlikely places.

    • I think it’s quite a universal theme, told in so many different tales, because the potential for both lies in us all. And I’m pleased you enjoyed the post, thank you – I always make an effort to look for beauty when I can 🙂

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