In The Hedgerows


Today we braved the rain, the wasps and thorns and nettles, even the occasional spider. We walked along muddy paths with trees dripping above, laughing at each other, faces damp inside our hoods. We searched for treasure, night dark, glistening among the green leaves.

And we found it.


Sweet and tart, nature’s bounty, tumbling from the hedgerows. So ripe that some were rotting on the brambles, left for birds and insects or trampled underfoot.


Does anyone pick blackberries any more?

52 thoughts on “In The Hedgerows

    • Yes, they seem to have come in quite early – there were a lot that were already past it, then in other places there were still flowers and green berries. So hopefully there will be some for a little while longer at least, especially for those blackberry and apple pies, my apple trees are quite over loaded this year!

      • And the British Plums. I just love this time of year when they come into season. Victoria Plum jam is one of my favourites, but we’ve never been able to grow our very own plum tree. Maybe it’s time for another attempt?

      • Oh yes, I’ve made loads of plum jam already, and I’m going to add some to the fruit crumble I’m planning for today. I’ve never had a plum tree either – my grandmother had a huge one with loads of fruit on it each year – perhaps it’s time to try and grow my own as well.

    • It seems to be – I was just saying to Hugh in the comments that some of the fruit was past it already – they seem to have come in early this year. Still, nice to have all theses delicious things whenever we can get them πŸ™‚

  1. Oh you bet; tonnes of the things to make blackberry and apple crumbles and pies…. they’re huge up along the Suffolk coast, possibly due to the proximity to the nuclear power station at Sizewell…

  2. Picking Strawberries out if my garden on my return home! And blue berries are budding up! I do miss the berry hunts I wound have in BC though especially on Quadra as by Autumn they were black berries with a salty crust on the ocean shores!

    • Oh, I love the sound of that, Michelle. We are heading over to BC in October, but I think they’ll be all gone by then. Blueberries are another favourite, will maybe have to look at getting a bush for the garden. Bet you have loads in that big lot of yours πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I do wonder about that. And it was interesting yesterday, parts of the hedgerow were just groaning with ripe berries, whereas others still had flowers and green berries, so I think the season will continue for a while yet. I live in hope of getting some sunshine again soon πŸ™‚

  3. I used to when we had a bush in our backyard. A bunch grow on trails near the freeway where I live now but I’d have to go down there alone, I need someone to show me how to get there and then watch out for spiderwebs and bees. πŸ™‚

    Sounds super fun though!

    • We have a bush in our back garden too though it’s quite small, not the pickings we get in the hedgerows. I hope you get the chance to go out picking berries with someone before the season ends, it was fun yesterday despite the rain.

  4. It reminds me of when childhood because they grow everywhere in Tasmania. Every year, the man over our back fence would give a bucketful to my mother and she’d bake blackberry pies, and give one to him. It was such a treat! I’m glad you still do that.

    • Oh yes, I love blackberry pie – in fact, I’ve just made a blackberry, plum and apple crumble for dessert tonight, while the rest have gone in the freezer for later. And we also had some growing near us on the Mornington Peninsula, though only in a few spots and certainly not the profusion we see over here.

    • Sounds lovely, Ellen. I also made crumble last night – in fact, I’ve used about half the ones we picked already, so am going out to get another batch this week before they’re all gone πŸ™‚

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