The BASH is BACK! The Second Annual #BloggersBash 2016

It’s back! I went to the Bloggers Bash this year and it was a fantastic day out, as well as a great opportunity to meet other bloggers in person. So I’m very excited to hear that next year’s Bash planning is underway – there were wild rumours about the British Library, Albert Hall and Buckingham Palace as venues, but let’s see if we can fill the whole of Pizza Express at least! Mark it in your diaries, write it on your arm, but whatever you do, save the date! Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Sacha Black

Annual Bloggers Bash Is BACK

After the stonking success of the first Bloggers Bash, the committee crawled under their respective duvets and hid having exhausted their supplies of extroversion.

HOWEVER, we have recovered, reconvened… discussed, deliberated…. and guess what…. we’re going to do it all over again! THE BASH IS BACK PEOPLE. The bash is really back.

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10 thoughts on “The BASH is BACK! The Second Annual #BloggersBash 2016

  1. EEEEK will you come Helen? I can’t believe my epic fail today – I will let you know as soon as I know when I am back in the hood. Sorry about today, so cross with myself. I am having to work tomorrow on my day off life has got that mental! Thank you for the reblog xx

    • Don’t worry at all, Sacha – it’s totally fine 🙂 And of course I’ll come, it was a great day out and I loved meeting everyone, yourself included. Don’t work too hard today, the weekend is almost here! xx

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