Swiftly Paced Intricacy – Oak and Mist by Helen Jones

A very nice (and unexpected) review of Oak and Mist from Kris at Crumpled Paper Cranes! Thank you xx

Crumpled Paper Cranes

Available on Amazon via Kindle or paperback. Available on Amazon via Kindle and paperback.

Admittedly, I’m not what you’d call extremely well-read. That being said, aside from the first installment of The Lord of the Rings series, and the Harry Potter books that I’ve rarely ever re-read, I have hardly read any fantasy. Perhaps it’s all too intimidating, with its multiple worlds, factions, alliances, alter-egos, and allusions to mythology and other things I find elaborately rich. While I’ve intended to, I’ve never really given attention to the YA genre. It takes a skilled and enthusiastic writer to draw me into such works, and with Oak and Mist, Helen Jones does the job.

We see predestination’s lingering hold as Alma faces a tall order. Ambeth, a world outside the familiar, is threatened by an imbalance between Light and Dark. One does not choose the faction he is born into, and ultimately, one is not granted volition to…

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11 thoughts on “Swiftly Paced Intricacy – Oak and Mist by Helen Jones

  1. I’ve yet to read it Helen, although I have it and it is in my reading queue, but if it is anywhere near as good as your other writing, I’m sure this is a well deserved review! I am looking forward to reading it.😊

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