For Paris


I first visited Paris when I was seventeen, my friend and I getting lost in the ancient streets, sitting in parks and watching people go by, caught up in the magic of the city. It felt strangely familiar to me; I suppose the fact I spoke French quite well helped.

I have been back several times since, including a recent visit where we saw old friends, went out for dinner and then to a rock concert, as Parisians do most nights of the week. As they did last night.

I will not let such horror and atrocity take away the magic and beauty of Paris.

Sending love and heartfelt sympathy to all those affected by last night’s events, a darkness in the City of Light.

Paris, je t’adore.

9 thoughts on “For Paris

      • Although, further to that, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m mad as hell about all this, not just in Paris but around the world. I cannot understand the human desire to hurt others in the name of whatever ideology.

      • No, we won’t, not ever. My son is travelling to France in July next year as part of a school group. The school just called because they have to cancel the Paris part of the tour, and they’re planning an alternative in the south of France. I’m fine with it—Paris will survive and it’ll be there next time he visits. And there is no question of not letting him go—the moment fear wins, the terrorists have won.

      • Yes, this is true. I wrote on someone else’s post that the sight of Parisians lining up in droves to give blood, opening their doors to strangers rather than closing them, and still drinking in cafes the night after the attacks was defiance, a statement that they will not stop us living our lives. Still, the fear is there – we are planning dinner and a concert in London this coming weekend, and there is a small part of me that wonders… But I agree – for your son to miss that opportunity to travel and experience the world would be very sad indeed, and give in to what they want, a culture of fear.

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