Wednesday Wander – Roses in Morocco

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing ‘Wordless Wednesday’, where I posted a photo each Wednesday with no accompanying copy. However, ‘wordless’ just isn’t me, so I decided to come up with my own way to describe my images. I’ve settled on ‘Wander Wednesday,’ as most of the photos I take are while I’m out wandering around, whether just in my neighbourhood or farther afield. Plus, it also ties in with one of my favourite Tolkien quotes, ‘ Not all those who wander are lost.’

So here we are for the inaugural Wednesday Wander. Please feel free to join me 🙂


24 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – Roses in Morocco

  1. Love the new title! And the roses—absolutely stunning. Our Midweek Moment was meant to be wordless, too, but photos are better with an explanation!

    PS. I’ve just remembered that late last night I read your post about your fear of flying. I meant to return and comment, and completely forgot. The post resonated with me as I have a dread of flying—I don’t sleep the night before I have to hop on a plane. Now it’s late again, so I’ll have to comment tomorrow, as I had a lot to say! It was a great post, I thought, beautifully written (as all your posts are) and I loved how it meandered on through all your flight mishaps. I’ll put a sticky note on my screen so I don’t forget two days in a row—blame it on the dementia!

    • My computer is festooned with sticky notes, so perhaps we’re suffering from the same strain? 😀
      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on flying and I’m the same, can’t sleep or eat much before flights, then can’t sleep or eat much on the flight either, so I end up wrecked by the time I reach my destination.And I’ve missed commenting on your Midweek Moment too, so I will get to it – another sticky note will be added! xx

  2. I’ve actually cut back on commenting on too many blogs—it was starting to become a stress, and there’s just too many to read and comment on that I’d never get any other writing done!
    PS. In the time I’ve taken to write these comments, I could have commented on your flight post! Now I must go to bed!

    • Yes, I’m feeling a bit the same – it is starting to cut into my writing time and can be stressful, as you say. So there are a key group of bloggers I always like to keep up with (yourself included, of course), then I’ll comment elsewhere if I have the time. Otherwise I’ll never get anything done! 🙂 Sleep well xx

      • Yes, she also reminded me of why I was creating, and just because I didn’t think something was perfect was no reason not to share it. And I love our blogging community, it is such a friendly helpful place 🙂

    • Thanks Ali – I was feeling the same way, plus I’d only done it as “wordless Wednesday’ because a few other bloggers were – I decided I’d rather have something of my own and, as you say, be able to say more about the images 🙂

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