Thursday Doors – Casa Mila, Barcelona

A quick Thursday Doors post today – this week my door comes from Barcelona, and Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila apartment building. The rope and signs get in the way a little bit, but I think you can see what an impressive feature this door is. And it’s only a side door!


Casa Mila is built of undulating white stone, and features some of Gaudi’s famous chimney pots poking out over the roofline, as well as extraordinary balcony rails made of sinuous metal twists. My construction engineer husband shook his head as we stood outside, thinking about how it would have been to have to manage such a complex build.


And yet it was managed and stands as a testament to Gaudi’s genius – he is one of my favourite architects and it was a thrill to experience his work in real life. I can only dream of actually living in one of the apartments…


27 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Casa Mila, Barcelona

  1. Have you ever seen the inside of one of those apartments? I wonder if they’re regular rooms or all sinuous curves like the outside… I really don’t know what to expect.

      1. Ooh, really? I love interiors too – I always want to redo my whole house whenever I visit a furniture place (or flea market, or antique fair, or…) I briefly considered becoming an estate agent just so I could stick my nose in other people’s houses 🙂

      1. I know – it’s hard to take in, isn’t it? His mind must have worked in strange and wonderful ways. And the builders must have been tearing their hair out to get it right!

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