Thursday Doors – Barcelona

I’m really enjoying the Thursday Doors photo challenge and have found, as I’ve looked through my photos, that I seem to have a ‘thing’ for doors, as I photograph so many of them. This week’s door is another beauty from Barcelona, but whereas my previous Spanish door was an example of Gaudi’s genius, this one is a more traditional style of Art Nouveau.


Isn’t it gorgeous? I do think the shopping trolley with pink bag adds a prosaic touch, and is also a sign that some lucky person gets to live here and experience this wonderful passage and doorway every day.

If you’d like to see more Thursday doors or add your own, visit Norm 2.0 and click the links – there’s a whole world of doors to be opened.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Barcelona

  1. That is lovely and the one on that wooden structure on the left looks quite nice as well. By the way, don’t worry having a ‘thing’ for doors is generally not a harmful condition – in fact it’s quite fun 😉

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