Blue Monday


It’s a bit of a dark and dreary day today. Rain smears on the window, cloudy skies and grey streets. I have to collect my child from school at 4pm, as she has an after school club. According to the weather guru on my phone, sunset occurs at 3:56pm today. So I am collecting my child from school after sunset, which seems weird.

Hmmm. There are niggles as well, small ones, bits and pieces that together add up to a larger sense of unease, that things are not quite right in my world today. They will pass, I’m sure – nothing that can’t be resolved eventually, one way or another. Writing always helps, the words somehow helping me to clarify what it is that I need to address. The mince pie and cup of tea with which I am currently comforting myself helps as well.

It seems I’m not the only one feeling down in blogland today. A couple of fellow bloggers have also written posts about things not going well for them. To them I send commiserations, and hope for a brighter Tuesday for us all.


21 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. It’s a gloomy Monday here too. In fact it’s been that way for weeks. It has rained so much recently that today even my flower beds have flooded, and that has never happened since we’ve lived here. We live on top of a hill ffs! It should be draining away. Having said that, my little girl has a day off school today, and she’s feeling good… happy smiles all round, she’s beaming brighter than the sun!

    Oh and great photo, btw! 😊

    • Yikes! Floods on the top of a hill is almost end-of-times stuff. Or end-of-season at least 🙂 Lovely that your gorgeous girl is home with you and having a good day – love the thought of her beaming ‘brighter than the sun.’ And thank you for liking the photo – I took it in Ireland a couple of years ago when we were there during summer hols – it’s the beach at Aughris.

      • I should have known… it could only be Ireland! I have been paddling in warm sea in Ireland on days like that! Is something else! 😁

      • Ha ha – yes, that’s August in Sligo Country, or at least it was that year. We did have a few sunny days while we were there, and I found it beautiful nonetheless, the way the light fell on the sand and water. My daughter braved the water briefly in her wetsuit, while my husband was surfing so the rain didn’t bother him 🙂 I stayed dry and took photos instead.

      • Very wise! With a hot cup of coffee in one hand. And maybe a little something nice like a scone on the side… that would be my preferred activity too lol!

    • Thanks Louise 🙂 I think it’s just a bit of a blip – as you say, life has its ups and downs and really, I’m very fortunate. Just a gloomy Monday moment. As I type this the sun is about to set (I’m guessing because the clouds are getting darker) and it’s still raining. However, tomorrow is another day. Thanks for the lovely supportive vibes, much appreciated! xx

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  3. Ah the Monday Blues. I can see in your comments that you’re feeling a little less blue now. Glad to hear it. It’s hard sometimes not to let the weather affect our emotions… We have really chosen the wrong country to live in, haven’t we…? 😉

    • Thanks Elissaveta, I am feeling better. Though after last night’s decision, I feel even more that we’ve chosen the wrong country to live in… 😦 I still love it here, but I cannot love the politics.

      • Yeah… Don’t get me started. There isn’t a single good thing that could come out of this decision and yet somehow, it was made. Sometime I wish I could spend a day in an MP’s mind… I’d probably beg to get out within the 1st hour!!

      • Whilst dodging all the slippery snakes (although really, that’s insulting to snakes). Yes, it’s madness. All this feels as though it’s been orchestrated from the start – why is it that humans constantly seem to chase war?

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