Blue Monday


It’s a bit of a dark and dreary day today. Rain smears on the window, cloudy skies and grey streets. I have to collect my child from school at 4pm, as she has an after school club. According to the weather guru on my phone, sunset occurs at 3:56pm today. So I am collecting my child from school after sunset, which seems weird.

Hmmm. There are niggles as well, small ones, bits and pieces that together add up to a larger sense of unease, that things are not quite right in my world today. They will pass, I’m sure – nothing that can’t be resolved eventually, one way or another. Writing always helps, the words somehow helping me to clarify what it is that I need to address. The mince pie and cup of tea with which I am currently comforting myself helps as well.

It seems I’m not the only one feeling down in blogland today. A couple of fellow bloggers have also written posts about things not going well for them. To them I send commiserations, and hope for a brighter Tuesday for us all.