Thursday Doors – Commit No Nuisance


My door this week comes from St Albans. It’s the entrance to the medieval clock tower, the only remaining example of its kind in England. Built in the early 1400’s, the tower is four storeys tall and built of local flint and stone. At this time of year, fairy lights twinkle in the former ground floor shop window, while sparkling icicles dance along the castellated roofline. Yet all year round it is a meeting point – a focal point of the ancient town founded by Romans so long ago.


I particularly love this door, because of both its obvious age and the writing on it. The door itself is quite small, about five feet or a metre and a half tall, and faces a pub almost equally as ancient, where the King of France was briefly held prisoner many centuries ago. I imagine the sign was written as a more modern reminder to pub patrons as they are released into the night – not sure how many of them would actually take the time to read it though πŸ™‚

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23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Commit No Nuisance

  1. There’s a lady on pinterest who posts doors all the time. I think she gets them online though. Anyway I never see cool doors! Am i living under a rock or something? Lol

    • LOL I doubt very much you live under a rock πŸ˜€ I confess I have a bit of a thing with doors – the first time I went to Dublin I was very taken with the doors and, looking back through my photos, I have taken a lot of door shots around the world, which is why I thought this challenge would suit me. Found quite a few in my hometown too, but you have to be looking for them πŸ™‚

    • Why thank you, Hugh πŸ™‚ Maybe I need to start a sideline selling cards… Oh, and I found two orb photos I took at Warwick Castle a few years ago, so expect a post about them very soon!

      • Fab! I’ve got Bev, the Ghost Hunter, doing a guest post for my blog in January. I’m sure she’d be very interested in your Orb photos.
        I’ll look out for those Christmas cards, featuring the church and Christmas lights, next year πŸŽ…

      • πŸŽ„ youll be one of the first to get one, Hugh πŸ™‚ And I might run that post tomorrow if I can write it in time – otherwise next week sometime. I’ll be interested to see Bev’s post too – I must go back to her blog for another look.

  2. Oh the history in that one – just wonderful. Judging by what looks like embedded staples, I’d say a fair number of folks have posted notices and ads on it.
    And that first shot it magical πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Norm – I must remember to link this one. Apparently there is a very narrow stone staircase inside the tower, 93 steps to the top. I liked the staples too – I wonder how long they’ve been there?

  3. Helen, I love both of these shots. The door is wonderful and the first shot gets me even more in the mood for Christmas, my favorite of all holidays. Have a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful and unusual doors.


    • Thank you Janet – I confess I added the first image almost as an afterthought, as I figured I should have a shot of the whole tower as well as the door. Yet it’s attracted as many comments as the door itself! So pleased you like it, hope you have a wonderful weekend as well πŸ™‚

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