My Top Ten Books of 2015

A last post, sneaked in before the clock chimes twelve and the year ticks over. I couldn’t resist sharing Meredith’s list of her top ten reads in 2015…

Mezzalily's Book Reviews

My first year of book blogging has gone well, I’ve read some great books by some fantastic authors and thought I’d share my favourite ten with you all!

boost#10: Boost by D.A. Paul

“I liked my face. Ethan liked my face. A lot of people liked my face. Besides, makeup was really just glorified face paint.”

I really liked the mix of paranormal and thriller elements in this book. The absorption of the dead was a great and interesting idea and was put across well. The main character, Lidia, was also very relatable and made this book even more enjoyable.

empire's daughter#9: Empire’s Daughter by Marian Thorpe

“But the world changes. In all the women’s villages of the Empire, this week or next, a soldier like myself will arrive to ask to live in the village, to take up a trade.” Casyn paused, for a breath, a heartbeat. “And to teach…

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