TODAY: Talk About Pop Music – The Radio Request Show

The pop party is on again today, courtesy of Steve over at Steve Says. His live request show runs from 2-6pm today and requests include a blog promo. So tune in and get your dance on!

Talk About Pop Music

Make sure you tune in to the radio “request show” where you can request a song to be played and ask for a “shout out” to promote you, your blog or whatever you want to share to the other listeners live on air. Share the blog love, share the music love and all that.


Saturday 9th January 14:00 – 18:00 (GMT) – The Request Show (LIVE BROADCAST)

Where can you listen?

  • Click on the radio below


  • Bookmark the link here

How can I request a song/promote my blog?

Leave a comment in this post or tweet me @stevesays2014

All feedback is very welcome so please let me know what you thought and how I can make things better.

Listen in the shower, listen while you bake, listen while you do the ironing, listen while you drive to the shops, tell ten friends to tell ten friends and listen, listen, listen.

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