White Rabbits


The first day of February has blown in blustery and clear, hints of blue in the swirling grey clouds. Temperatures here have been unseasonably warm for some time, daffodils and snowdrops appearing much earlier than usual, yet today feels more like Spring than any other so far this year.

Our neighbour’s tree, still holding a tattered birds nest from last year, is now covered with blossom. A dusting of white like snow from a distance, yet up close all delicate petals and yellow stamens, portents of fruit to come.

And I started the day, as I usually do, by saying ‘White Rabbits.’ My mother told me years ago that, if it’s the first thing you say on the first of the month, it’s considered good luck. There are varying sources for this tradition, which seems to be of British origin – apparently saying ‘Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit,’ is also appropriate.

Ali Isaac has written a lovely post about today being Imbolc, the first day of Celtic Spring. As for me, I’m also writing. A Thousand Rooms has now gone to several beta readers, a couple of new ideas are taking shape, plus I’ve the fourth Ambeth book to start editing. A busy year beckons and, now that the January blues are past, it’s time to move forward.

January was also my biggest month ever on this blog, which is really nice! If you’ve followed along this month, welcome, and thanks so much for joining me 🙂




17 thoughts on “White Rabbits

    • Yep – they’re quite early, but we haven’t had much of a winter here. It’s been strangely mild. I know that probably seems preferable to the Snowpocalypse, but I just feel it’s not winter without a couple of good snowfalls, plus it just seems… weird. Still, the flowers are pretty 🙂

  1. Hey thanks for the mention! It is still wild here and although not so cold, there are no signs of spring, no blossom or flowers like you have, here yet. I hope you don’t get any late frost. I wish it wasn’t so wet and grey here.

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    • Thanks Louise 🙂 Apparently one of the origins for ‘White Rabbits’ was as protection against the old ‘pinch and a punch,’ so that’s kind of interesting. I think it may go back further as some sort of ancient protection charm, but it’s just a fun thing to do on the first of the month . And February’s not shaping up too badly – A Thousand Rooms is getting good responses so far, so I think I might be braving the agents once again…

  3. Thanks for the old tidbit to help us get through the month. I missed my chance this month,but looking forward to March 1st. I’ll take all the good luck and fortune I can take. Congrats on the a Thousand Rooms. I’m excited to hear more about it =D

    • Thanks, Anthony 🙂 Yes, that’s the good thing about ‘White Rabbits’ – you get a new chance every month.
      And thanks for your interest in A Thousand Rooms – it’s getting ready to go out to agents next, but either way it will be published and I’ll be keeping everyone posted 🙂

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