Not a blog tour – lunch with Helen Jones

I recently had a lovely lunch with Sue Vincent and Stuart France – truly, I felt we could have talked for hours! Looking forward to the next one…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

revelation 179
It was all Helen’s fault… we wouldn’t have been at St Albans at all except we were meeting her not too far away. Having said that… just look what we would have missed! So we had plenty to talk about as we regained the car in the rain and headed off in the general direction of lunch and the third of the meet-ups we had planned with blogging friends.

This time we were meeting Helen Jones, author of the fantasy series The Ambeth Chronicles… and if you haven’t come across her yet, have a wander over to her blog, Journey to Ambeth.

We were far too early and debating whether or not to get a table. We needn’t have worried… Helen was already there too … a wave, a smile… and, for me at least, it felt as if I was meeting an old friend. The three of…

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