Sue Vincent – Writing Prompt – The Fairy Door

It’s Thursday, so I normally post a door as part of Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge (and I may yet still, it’s Thursday for a little while longer yet). But Sue Vincent over at  The Daily Echo posted a writing prompt based on this picture she took of a mysterious door in a stone wall, and it inspired me to do something a little different.


Sue asked that we use a hundred words or less to describe what we think lies beyond the door. I started writing a poem, for some reason – it arrived quite quickly and so, here it is:

Beyond the door the pathway waits,

Through trees and tiny fairy gates,

Lined with velvet petals sweet

Mosses soft beneath your feet

Branches whisper as you pass

Trailing fingers through long grass

Singing sigh of leaves that fall

As you approach the elven hall

Twigs like fingers pull your hair

Vines appearing from thin air

To wrap you in a green embrace

Leaves to cover up your face

Music lulls you deeper still

Pulled into the fairy hill

There to spend your final hours

Bound amongst the scattered flowers

So take the pathway if you dare

You know not what you’ll find in there…

Hmmm. Well, it started off very sweetly but got a bit darker towards the end. Plus it is slightly over 100 words – I hope you don’t mind, Sue!

If you’re feeling inspired, head over to Sue’s blog and add your own response to her photo – the challenge is open until March 1st.


20 thoughts on “Sue Vincent – Writing Prompt – The Fairy Door

    • Thanks Allie 🙂 Yes, I’ve always thought the Fae far more dangerous than they are usually portrayed. Though I didn’t quite plan the ending on this, it just came out that way 😀

  1. Wow, beautiful poem, Helen. It gave me chills. That image of snaring vines keeps showing up in various ways for me- and now it’s here again. I love your imagery, I saw it all in my mind’s eye very clearly.

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  4. What a fantastic post! You captured the magical world and fairy path well, so intriguing, I like that it got a bit darker at the end too it worked well with that little twist. KL ❤

    • Thank you! I’m really pleased you enjoyed it, especially the ending bit – that was a surprise for me as well, as I wasn’t sure where the poem was going when I started it 🙂

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