13 thoughts on “It’s Time For All Bloggers To Unite – A Bloggers Bash Announcement

    • I am ๐Ÿ™‚ I went last year and it was a great day out, plus I got to meet some fantastic bloggers. Really looking forward to this year’s event – too bad you live so far away, Louise.

      • Yes! It sounds like fun, although I’m not good if I meet heaps of new people all at once. It takes me a couple of days to recover. (I know that sounds weird!) Have fun! xx

      • No, it doesn’t sound weird at all! I’m not so good in big social situations either – I can get quite panicky. I usually find someone and glom onto them for the day (which is probably quite annoying!) However, last year luckily I knew a few bloggers already (at least, I knew them online), so I felt a bit more comfortable.

      • That’s the thing with bloggingโ€”you get to know people rather well before you actually ‘meet’ them! I can see it would be like meeting up with old friends. I’m like you in that I feel quite panicky. I can cope with it for a short time, but after a weekend, I feel overwhelmed. I remember feeling like it after medical conferences. Writers’ festivals are similar, although so many writers are introverted that they’re not as confrontingโ€”we’re all wandering around with our eyes on the ground, lost in our own little worlds!

      • I haven’t been to a festival yet, and I really need to go to one, especially with London just a short train ride away. I did go to an event at Bloomsbury Publishing and felt woefully unprepared and panicky most of the day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Just realised I left a word out of my first sentence above: Have you ever gone to a K-Mart store and *asked* where to buy a ‘K’? It was a reference to a line in your post about buying a wall at Wal-Mart. Rather silly joke I know. I’d better go to bed before I embarrass myself even further. (No, I haven’t been drinking!)

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