Wednesday Wander – EMP, Seattle, USA


The EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington was designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry and is a wonderful example of his singular design style. Wrapped in undulating metal panels, the colours and shapes were inspired by electric guitars, which Gehry took apart and reassembled as part of the initial design process. Every angle of the building shows a different aspect, each section flowing into the next in a complex arrangement of texture and light.


I would recommend visiting the EMP for the architecture alone – however, the Museum is devoted to Music, Sci-Fi and Popular culture, so I was completely hooked. We spent the best part of a day in there – I could have spent hours just in the Fantasy section – and we all got to see things that inspired us, from Aragorn’s sword to Jimi Hendrix’s guitar.


Then we sat outside and watched the colours on the building change as the gorgeous girl played in the playground, before catching the monorail back towards our hotel. Quite a Jetsons sort of a day, really!

Thank you for coming with me on another Wednesday Wander – see you next time!

27 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – EMP, Seattle, USA

    • Oh, it was amazing! We spent ages looking at the outside of the building. Hubby worked in construction for years and, much like the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, was shaking his head at how difficult it must have been to build. It’s quite interesting inside as well – some rooms are just ‘regular’ shaped, whereas in other areas you can see the inside of the fabric of the building. I might do another post this week showing the interior.

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  2. Oy, how come I missed this post last year? Well, I’m going to have to check out this place next time I’m down there, just for the building. Sounds just like our thing.

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