Thursday Doors – Watford


On first glance you might be excused for thinking that this is a door from somewhere exotic, a Moroccan souk or Turkish bath, the air redolent with incense and orange blossom.


Instead, it is the door to a very good Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant in Watford, just on the outskirts of London, where I happened to have lunch with friends earlier this week.



The food was excellent, the service friendly and welcoming and, when I saw another gorgeous door inside, the proprietor was only too happy for me to take a photograph. The plugs and fire extinguisher do slightly spoil the effect, but I think you get the idea.


This is my entry to Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge. For more doors, or to add one of your own, visit Norm’s site and click the link.


29 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Watford

    • Thank you – I don’t see a lot here either, at least not like these ones. We’re more likely to get wooden church or medieval doors. I do love the Moorish style – if I ever built a house I’d definitely incorporate at least one door like these. 🙂

  1. Gotta love the detail and dedication that goes into works of art like these, and they are works of art.
    Very nice find, I’ll bet you thought of Thursdays Doors straight away when you saw these 😉

    • I did! And my friends know about my blog, so were happy to wait while I took a few photos.
      They are beautiful doors, aren’t they? Quite unexpected down a little side street in Watford 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 The menu was really good – lots of hot and cold mezze plus a few larger dishes, and everything was fresh and beautifully flavoured. They do have a website,, which has the menu listed 🙂

  2. They are lovely… do you think they’re as old as they look, or very good replicas? I like them either way.

    • They certainly looked authentically aged, but then it’s so hard to tell. They had some other carved wood inside the restuarant that looked similarly aged. I like them either way, too 🙂

    • Thanks, Jean – that would have been one really cool bag 🙂 I love these sort of doors, and if I ever get to build my own house, I would definitely include one.

    • I think if they are original old doors they probably came from a house or business very far away from Watford – other than that I don’t know, really. I just really love the carving and the shades of the timber 🙂

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