Thursday Doors – St Margaret’s Church, Wolston


This is the doorway to the church of St Margaret, in Wolston, England. It’s a typical Norman-style church doorway – the church was built in 1186 – with a simple wooden door. Yet the colours of the stones, the simple shapes and worn lines, give it beauty, as do the fresh flowers and shrubs in tubs around the door, evidence of a church still well-used and part of the community.


Despite its simplicity, this door is very special to me, and I have several photographs of it. In one, my paternal grandfather, smiling and in his vicar’s robes, is greeting my maternal grandfather and my mother. My mother is dressed in silk and lace, her father in top hat and tails, and they are on their way into the church when my father is waiting, along with the wedding guests. In another photo, a very small version of me is coming out of the church, accompanied by other small children, all of us dressed in costumes for a festival.

My grandfather was vicar of this church until 1979, when he sadly passed away, and there is a memorial chair to him inside. He is buried in the churchyard, along with my grandmother, great-grandmother and great-aunt, so it is a place that holds many memories. In fact, I blogged about some of them here.


And this is another reason I think this is a special church. I rather liked this poster. It seemed to me to embody what religion should be – open to anyone and accepting of all. It’s how I always remember it being when I used to come here, so it’s nice to see that nothing has changed.

This is my entry to this week’s Thursday Doors Challenge, courtesy of Norm 2.0. For more doors, or to add one of your own, visit Norm’s blog and click the link.

23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – St Margaret’s Church, Wolston

  1. I love this so much – in fact, it made me cry… (not sure why; I think I’m emotional today). I especially love the welcome poster. You’re right, that’s exactly what religion is all about.

  2. I love that poster! If only all denominations of all religions felt that way. If only all non religious people felt that way. What a happier world it would be. 😊 RIP grandad, grandma and great aunt. Xxx

    • Thanks, Jean – it is a gorgeous church, and somewhere very close to my heart 🙂 I loved the poster too, one commenter said it should be outside every religious venue in the world, and I agree.

  3. It seems like a very special church indeed. I liked that, in so many words, the sign on the door reads: no matter where you find yourself, you are welcome here and we won’t judge you for where you are in your walk. Jesus never forced anyone to accept Him; He just was. Those that did accept Him realized just who He was.

    • Thank you – it is a really special place to me. And I loved the sign. I thought it really encapsulated the idea of religion as it started out to be – a place for people to find welcome and kindness, regardless of who they are.

  4. Congrats Helen for managing to put a sizeable lump in my throat. It’s obvious that it’s about so much more than a door or a building to you, which is what makes this post so special.
    And yes the sentiments on that poster are what this world needs a lot more of these days. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories.

    • Aw, thanks, Norm. It is a very special place for me, and I’m so pleased the post resonated with you. And I love the poster too – someone else commented that it should be outside every place of worship, regardless which religion, and I agree 🙂

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