Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – Vintage

Lace Edwardian dress - bodice. This dress was a gift from a lovely lady I met at a vintage fashion show.

Lace Edwardian dress – bodice. This dress was a gift from a lovely lady I met at a vintage fashion show in Canada – it had belonged to one of her relatives, and would have most likely been made by hand.

This weeks Hugh’s Photography Challenge is ‘Vintage’ and, as I said to Hugh in the comments, he is speaking my language. I’ve collected vintage clothing and accessories since I was a teenager and, several years ago, a friend and I even had our own permanent vintage stall at an antique market. I’ve moved quite a lot over the past two decades, however, so my collection has grown and shrunk and grown again, pieces coming and going as my closet space allows.


I bought these gloves in Sydney, Australia, at a jumble sale. They are suede, elbow length, and stamped ‘Made In France’ on the inside. Beautifully stitched along the seams and edges, the pearl buttons are a perfect finishing touch.

One of the things I’ve always loved about vintage clothing is the detail, which you really don’t see in modern mass-produced clothing. Tiny hand stitches, delicate beadwork, fine embroidery, gathered pleats – I even had an embroidered cotton dress once that had been repaired, yet the repair work was so finely done it was part of the charm of the dress. So, for Hugh’s challenge, I’ve decided to focus on the details.

This bag is, apparently, French, and is beaded in the Art Nouveau style on both sides, with tiny bugle beads.

This French evening bag is beaded in the Art Nouveau style on both sides, using tiny bugle beads. It is probably about a hundred years old, and I found it at a vintage clothing market in Australia.

If you’d like to participate in Hugh’s Challenge, here’s what to do:

1. Take or choose a photo that you’ve taken which shows something that is Vintage.
2. Create a new post on your blog entitled “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – ‘Vintage’
3. Add the photo(s) you have taken to the post and tell us a little about what you are showing.
4. Create a pingback to Hugh’s post or leave a link to your post in his comments section, so other participants can view the post.


40 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – Vintage

  1. Wonderful items, Helen. I was hoping you would participate this week after your recent participation in my ‘hats’ challenge when you posted the photo of those vintage hats. How you choose which items to sell on so you can make way for new purchases, I’ve no idea. I’d not want to let any of it go.
    Those gloves immediately reminded me of Downton Abbey. Now, if only we could find you a vintage car, you could dress up and drive down the entrance to Downton Abbey just as a coach load of sightseers arrives. Can I be your chauffeur, please? 😄

  2. Wish I could remember the name of my friend who had a range of vintage cars, including 1 that was used in House of Elliott! Love this pics! Blessings Joy

    • Wow, they sound like fabulous cars! The only vintage car I’ve ever been in was a Porsche Spyder, so not quite as old as your friend’s collection. Glad you love the pics, happy weekend to you 🙂

      • We hired the House of Elliot car for my nieces wedding. It was fab! Have great weekend too. Hope next weekend’s blogbash is fantastic, will try and make it to next years. Blessings Joy

      • Ooh, that is fab – I bet that made for great photos, too 🙂 Yes, looking forward to next weekend, hope you can make it next year as it’s a great day out! xx Helen

      • As soon as the date is announced I will put it in the diary, and try and work round it. We ofter holiday thsi time of year as it’s timeshare weeks in Portugal. 🙂 If I had known about it earleir I might have flown back via Stansted on Friday lol Have fun x

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    • Thank you. It’s what I love the most about vintage clothing, all the lovely details. I also have quite a big collection of embroidered linens, again because I love the workmanship.

    • Thank you 🙂 I was really lucky to get the dress. It was years ago, I was attending a vintage fashion show, and I got talking to one of the ladies there. I mentioned I had a few pieces if they wanted to use them in the next show, and she got very excited and offered to give me a couple of dresses. I went over to her house and was absolutely amazed when she gave me the Edwardian dress plus a pink 1950s evening gown. I didn’t want to take them, but she was quite adamant. A real gift! 🙂

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