Wednesday Wander – London Bridge, Portsea

London Bridge

No, it’s not the London Bridge you might be thinking of. This is a rock formation called London Bridge, at Portsea back beach just outside Melbourne, Australia. There used to be another arch of rock stretching into the ocean, hence the name, but it collapsed quite suddenly, leaving only two remaining.


It’s a wonderful place to look for sea glass and shells, or mermaid jewels, as we used to call them. The vast rock pool next to it is calm and warm, perfect for days when the surf is too rough or the swimmers too small. The surf pounds hard on the southern Australian coast, the water much colder than you would think, and it shapes the rocks into towers and caverns and sculptures, magical to explore.


For quite a few years this was my back yard, the beach just a short walk from home, cool sea mists wreathing the ti-tree and moonah. I miss the sound of waves at night, the smell of salt in the air. And so this week I chose to wander back there again – thanks for coming along with me.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – London Bridge, Portsea

    • Thank you – I bet you have some magical beaches where you are, too. And yes, I love the mermaid jewels too – to be honest, I thought of them that way before I had a child! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Sarah πŸ™‚ They seem to be pretty popular with everyone. I remember calling them that before I had my daughter – luckily, she went along with the idea too.

    • Yes, it’s true blue Aussie, isn’t it? I love it, and I think I prefer the beach one to the real one (which is quite boring looking compared to some of the other London Bridges). The old arched London Bridge is in an Arizona desert somewhere, I think.

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