Treasure Competition Results

A little while ago I entered a short story competition run by Esther Newton – and I won second place! Yay! As a writer, these little victories are part of what keeps us going, and I’m completely thrilled. Congratulations to all the winners πŸ™‚

Esther Chilton

Last week, the focus was on flash fiction and the results of my 100-word story competition. This week, it’s over to the longer story. For the latter, you were given the theme of β€˜treasure’ and you could interpret that in any way you wished, as long as it was within 1000 words. I love the different ideas you came up with and, if I thought I had a hard task choosing the winners of the flash fiction story, I had an even harder task picking the winning entries of this competition. Here they are:

1st Place: Daddy’s Treasure by Jane Willis

2nd Place:On The High Slopes by Helen Jones

3rd Place: Treasures In The Darkness by Jo Derrick


Highly Commended:

The Treasure Is Mine by Lestie Mulholland

No Way In by Rachel Garrod

Treasure by Carla Burns



Blood, Sweat and Tears by Viki Allerston

Treasure by Geoff…

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