Thursday Doors -Canal Boat

img_2894I’ve posted about canal boat doors before – I like their miniature size and the variety of different ways that people choose to personalise their boats. Living near to the Grand Union Canal, I often walk along it, and you get to know the boats that regularly moor in your area. When I wrote my last post, there was one boat missing I’d hoped to photograph – however, the other week I saw it, moored a little further along, flower-painted doors open to the sunshine.

‘Our’ section of canal has some wide calm stretches, perfect when there’s no-one else around, the light and shade quite glorious. So here’s a bonus photo – no doors in this one, just some lovely reflections.

img_3744This is my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors Challenge, courtesy of Norm 2.0. For more doors, or to add one of your own, visit Norm’s site and click the link.

And if you’d like to see more of my photos, follow me on Instagram – you can find me as helenejones33.

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