Helen Says…Radio Waves, Lollops and One Hit Wonders: We Are Born To Be Alive

Another reblog – I know! But today I’m visiting Steve at Steve Says, with a post about the disco classic, ‘Born To Be Alive’ Dance on over and take a look!

Steve McSteveface

The Commodore

We Are Born To Be Alive!

Back in the dark depths of winter last year, a voice was heard. A warm Scottish voice, full of humour and good cheer, spreading the gospel of pop music over the airwaves. That voice belonged to Steve, of Steve Says and Talk About Pop Music.

Steve’s show inspired lively exchanges on Twitter – lollops were had, prizes won and innuendos made – and it was great fun. One of the cool things about the show was that you could send in requests and Steve would mention your blog, so each week we’d tune in, requests at the ready.

One of my requests was “Born To Be Alive” by Patrick Hernandez. I vaguely remember hearing it as a child, but it wasn’t until I started frequenting the Commodore in Vancouver that I really fell in love with the song. Back in the 90’s, Tuesday night…

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8 thoughts on “Helen Says…Radio Waves, Lollops and One Hit Wonders: We Are Born To Be Alive

  1. Back in the 90s?! Don’t think I discoed past the 80s.

    For some reason all I could think about was Steppenwolf. Born to be … just evokes one song for me.Partner knew this one though. He’s better on pop than I am.

    • Yes, disco was a bit of an underground thing in the 90’s, then had a mainstream resurgence. But a lot of the grunge bands were hearkening back to the 70s – for example there was a showcase in Seattle (I think) where they all covered Heart songs (and both ladies from Heart were there), so disco was kind of a sideline to that. I’ve always loved to dance, so discovering disco night was an awesome thing. The Commodore is mainly a live venue, but they did a great disco night back in the day 🙂

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