Hills & Valleys

I know I’ve done a few reblogs lately – it’s because I’ve been out visiting in blogland this week – but I just had to share this lovely review for Hills and Valleys, the third book in my Ambeth series. Thanks, Kev!


Book Review


Hills and Valleys

Book 3 of The Ambeth Chronicles

I love this third book in the series; it provides some much-needed reckoning of events and the emotional trauma we were left with at the end of No Quarter in addition to providing knowledge to Alma’s family background and involvement with Ambeth.

With the dark reaching out to entrap Alma, the struggles the light face trying to protect her, and the call of Ambeth itself through mysterious magic, Alma can no longer run away or hide from her fate.

Despite not having any real action, Hills and Valleys is intense and without doubt the best in the series so far. I love the way, Jones skilfully weaves in the background knowledge through the use of flashbacks. I also love the way she can change our feelings towards certain dark characters bringing a sense of hope to a most dire…

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