Reflections, Fireworks and a Zombie Prom Queen

img_4273I’ve been out and about these last few days, as half term winds down and the celebration season winds up. On Saturday I walked along a stretch of canal I hadn’t visited before – I love reflections, and the calm water made for some interesting shots.

img_4276Yesterday was Devils Night, the precursor to Halloween, and also Diwali, so fireworks and light were all around, crackling in the night sky. The gorgeous girl and I headed into our Old Town, which was having a Halloween celebration complete with street stalls, rides and costumed revellers, culminating in a fireworks display at the nearby park.

img_4286It was great fun, with just enough spooks and thrills to get the atmosphere going, yet very family friendly. We met up with friends and managed to squeeze in a few activities before heading down to the park for the display.

img_4289However. It was a chilly night and a mist had descended, the air hanging still beneath the trees. When the fireworks started the lack of wind meant that the smoke just stayed put, drifting a little across the crowd but mostly just hanging in midair, mixing with the mist to obscure all but the most determined fireworks. Still, there was lots of laughter in the crowd, and cries of ‘That was a good one!’ after particularly loud bangs, even though we could see nothing in the murk.

img_4300Tonight is Halloween proper, or Samhain, in the old tongue. A night where the barriers between life and death are supposed to come down, and spirits walk the night. I will be walking the night as well, or at least the very early evening, accompanied, I am told, by a Zombie Prom Queen. Sweets will be sought and tricks avoided, although it will be a fairly early finish as tomorrow is a school day, sadly for her.

And then it begins. My favourite time of year. Bonfire Night, woodsmoke, the trees shedding the last of their leaves, Jack Frost arriving to line the fields and houses with silvery blue. And lights, everywhere, sparkling on rooftops and lamp-posts and high streets, an antidote to long dark nights. Gathering with friends and family, the warmth indoors counterpoint to the cold outside. Wishing you all a wonderful season, however you choose to celebrate!



23 thoughts on “Reflections, Fireworks and a Zombie Prom Queen

  1. I used to love Bonfire night when I lived in UK… was my fave part of the season. Lovely pics, Helen. We have the mist today…

    • Thanks, Ali šŸ™‚ I missed Bonfire Night when we lived in Canada and then in Australia – I love it too. And you have the mist now? We have sunshine here for the time being, hoping the weather holds for tonight šŸ™‚

    • Aw well, I’m glad you liked the post. I don’t mind Halloween, but I honour it for its earlier origins rather than the candy festival it is today. My daughter enjoys the mystery of it, plus the dressing up and candy, so that’s fun šŸ™‚

  2. Having just seen off the fourteenth group of T&Ters (probably 40 ghouls in total) I now need to get my ears done; Dog has barked himself horse and I have been responsible for early onset diabetes in this part of south London. Lovely pictures Helen; i too can’t resist a good reflection.

    • Thanks, Geoff šŸ™‚ Ha ha, sounds as though you’ve had an evening of it. My cousin lives in the Highbury area and she heard a kid say outside her house ‘Don’t bother, they’ve only got Haribos’ šŸ˜€ Sweet snobbery in Finsbury Park! We had no trick-or-treaters, probably because we were out ourselves at the peak time – the gorgeous girl now has a bag of sweets plus the ones we bought, so she’s very happy!

  3. I had to take a look at that pub sign twice, Helen! I mistook the ‘h’ for an ‘f’. I think it must be my age or I need to change my reading glasses.šŸ¤“

    Poor Toby is terrified of the Fireworks, so I’ve got his security jacket out. It helped relax him last year. I’ve no idea what fireworks events they have in Swansea, but hopefully nothing too loud!

    Hope you had an enjoyable Halloween. So good to see towns and villages putting on events for it.

    • You weren’t the only one, Hugh! šŸ˜€ A friend did the same thing, too funny.
      Poor Toby – our old doggie was the same until he went deaf and couldn’t hear them any more. One year I found him wedged behind the toilet, poor puppy! I’ve heard those security jackets are pretty good though, fingers crossed it works for him again.
      And we had a lovely Halloween, thanks – hope you did too xx

    • Oh you’re very welcome! šŸ™‚ Thanks so much. I always loved Guy Fawkes as well, looked forward to it far more than Halloween when I was a child. Like you say, the scents, the cold dark, the sparkling fireworks – it was the start of holiday season for me. Glad you enjoyed the post!

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