Thursday Doors – Silves, Portugal

img_0370This lovely little door is set into a wall on an ancient street, directly across from a twelfth century cathedral that may have even earlier origins, in the town of Silves, Portugal.

The street is sloping, as you can see from the line of the cobbles, and there is a view across red-tiled roofs to green hills beyond, the scent of blossom in the air. This little door has a history and age to it, but its story remains a secret for now. I wonder who holds the key?

This is my entry for the Thursday Doors Challenge, courtesy of Norm 2.0. For more doors, or to add one of your own, visit Norm’s site and click the link.

16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Silves, Portugal

  1. Some doors really do spark your imagination, and this is one such door that makes you ask questions. When you asked “Who holds the key?”, it got me curious! I would love to see this door “in context”, if that makes sense. Not that it would make me any less curious, but it really makes you wonder some things… like why isn’t it the bottom closer to the cobblestone street? Was it a door that is the exit to a secret passage?

    There could be a really fun story behind that door, and even if there isn’t, it sure would be fun to think one up! For some reason, the secret garden comes to mind when I look at this door.

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