A Girly Weekend

I had such a fab time with these wonderful women – thank to all of them for book talk, life moments and a little bit of magic 🙂 Of such things great friendships are made! Can’t wait till the next one xx

Suzie Speaks

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while.

Through the Annual Bloggers Bash, I’ve made several new friends that have developed to the point where we all communicate daily – a thread on Twitter turned into a continuous conversation that has seen us through the highs and lows of daily lives. We’ve regularly commented that we wished our houses were nearer to each other, but the other week we decided to do something about it and organise a meet-up. As a result, I found myself on a train to London this morning, preparing to navigate my way through the tube for the first time by myself and looking forward to the first girly weekend that I’ve had in a while.

As always, the train was rammed and I was lucky that I ended up sitting next to a nice girl who was on her way home after a…

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4 thoughts on “A Girly Weekend

  1. Thank you for this post, Helen!! Your blogs are always laced with whimsy somehow, and this from your friend is as well. I was never a blogger until Grad school. Now I am, even though I haven’t written lately, and think I just might today. And we do develop relationships with other bloggers, if we’re lucky. But anyway, I remember trips up to London, and negotiating with the crowds in the tube, and over hearing all manner of conversation about the world on that particular day. Makes me realize that life is messy and uneven, but it always goes on. 🙂

    • Aw, thank for your kind words, Linda 🙂 Suzie is a great blogger, and she has a wonderful way of writing about the minutiae of life and making it magical. She’s also become a really good friend, which is a wonderful and unexpected side to blogging.
      And oh, doesn’t a ride on public transport remind us of how wide and deep the world is, and all the stories that live in it? Honestly, there is a book’s worth in each carriage 🙂

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