Guest author – Helen Jones: Voices In The Land

Today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge prompt is: Nothing. Being somewhat contrary, I thought maybe I’d get away with not posting anything. But then the lovely Sue Vincent was nominated for a blogging award, and also had me over to visit on her blog. So here is my second reblog of the day, courtesy of Sue – thanks for having me!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Meet Helen Jones, author of The Ambeth Chronicles, a YA fantasy series– Oak and Mist No Quarter and Hills and Valleys.

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 045

We’ve all been to places where the land speaks to us. Places of great harmony, where the air and the view and the lie of the land combine in some sort of perfect alchemy to fill us with joy. Or places of darkness where the land holds melancholy, seeming to echo still with cries of pain, ancient battles or tragedies leaving their mark. And still other places, where nothing of note is recorded as having happened, yet they strike a chill into our bones and we cannot get away fast enough.

Our ancestors seemed to understand this energy far more than we do now. You only have to visit an ancient site to feel it, the way the stones are situated, echoing and in line with the…

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