30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 23 – Wrong Way

IMG_1099It’s day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge, and today’s prompt is: Wrong Way.

As there really is no wrong way to respond to these prompts, I’ve decided to post a quotation by Louis L’Amour:

We are, finally, all wanderers in search of knowledge. Most of us hold the dream of becoming something better than we are, something larger, richer, in some way more important to the world and ourselves. Too often, the way taken is the wrong way, with too much emphasis on what we want to have, rather than what we wish to become.

A little something to think about on a Friday 🙂

As I’ve chosen to undertake this challenge, I’ll be blogging through to December 30th, then I might take a little break. Or I might not. You never know when the muse will strike. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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16 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 23 – Wrong Way

    • Thanks, Kristin 🙂 I’m still going, though some of those prompts are killing me – it’s like they drew words out of a hat! Still, I guess that’s the challenge. Hope you’re well and having a happy holiday season xx

      • I’ve completely fizzle out on the blogging front. I’m trying to figure out how to still communicate without a WordPress. Maybe I’ll keep an account just too comment on others blogs. But we’ll see!

    • I know exactly what you mean – I did the same thing. The key, I guess, is recognising you took a wrong turn, then you can find the path back. Good luck with your search 🙂
      And a merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  1. Hi Helen,
    I know Allie Sue, and Donna. I’m Janice. I met you at Donna Parker’s Christmas blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. For example, I recently wrote how to get 842 page views to your blog in less than a day
    In response to what you wrote, my dad, who’s been gone 21 years, was a big Louis L’amour fan and you quote him?! Small world. Happy holidays to you.

    • Hi Janice, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply – I just found some comments hiding in my spam folder, yours included! Thanks for dropping by, it definitely is a small world, especially among bloggers 🙂 Happy holidays to you too xx

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