Impatience And Loss Beyond The Stars

IMG_0225When I was eight years old, my mother took my brother and I to see the new Star Wars movie. We were both immediately hooked. My brother had the toys; the light sabre, the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing Fighter, the figurines. I know he wishes he still had them now. I loved the stories – the fantasy, the faraway galaxies, the struggle between light and dark and all the complicated relationships that went along with it. I might have had a crush on Luke Skywalker, too. And I thought Princess Leia was the luckiest princess in all the galaxies, despite all that she went through.

When the sequels were announced, my brother and I devoured every snippet of information, our impatience at the wait between films boundless. This was before the Internet, before pirate footage and leaked set shots, before we had access to fan fiction and groups and tabloids. We were kids, and, while our dad worked with computers from the earliest days, our lives were still far removed from dashing deeds in distant galaxies. When episode VI was announced it was originally called Revenge of the Jedi instead of Return of the Jedi – it was changed after Lucas decided that Jedi did not take revenge, as it was against their code of honour. If only we’d managed to get one of the early promo pieces featuring the original name – they’re worth a fortune today, apparently. What we did collect was bubblegum cards, spending all our pocket money and trading until we each had a complete set of Return of the Jedi cards. I still have my set today.

This Boxing Day just past my brother and I went to see Rogue One together, almost forty years after we saw Star Wars. And just a day later, the original kick-ass princess left us all, gone to a place beyond the stars. 2016 has seen the passing of so many great names and, in its final moments, does not seem to want to go quietly, stealing not just one but three names from my youth: George Michael, Richard Adams and Carrie Fisher.

May they all find peace, in the fields beyond.

This is my response, a day late, to both the 30 Day writing challenge prompt: Impatience, and the lamented passing of Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Richard Adams.

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13 thoughts on “Impatience And Loss Beyond The Stars

  1. Yes, so sad. I thought Carrie was recovering, never realised she was so ill. Poor George, who didn’t love him? And Richard Adams, although he was a good age, still, I didn’t expect his death. My Dad gave me a copy of Watership Down when I was 9 years old. I read and re-read it till it literally fell apart. And dont forget Granny from the Royle family, she’s gone too. What a year! Hope 2017 is kinder to our celebs. Xxx

    • Yes, it’s been such a strange year, hasn’t it? I loved Watership Down too – read and re-read it, plus loved the song from the movie, Bright Eyes. That and Star Wars are such a part of my childhood in the UK. Then dear George – he was such a wonderful talent and, by all accounts, a lovely person. Here’s to a brighter 2017. xx

  2. Gorgeous post, Helen – it’s been such a poignant year of loss. I share the Star Wars love, and the others – read Watership Down countless times and adored George, too. What a year! Sending lots of love to you for 2017 xxxx

    • Thanks so much, Fay – always love to hear about a fellow fan, yet another thing we have in common 🙂 Sending you love for 2017 too – it’s going to be an exciting year! (and heaven forbid we lose anyone else before this year ends)

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