Writespiration #104 – Choke

img_1719It’s Sunday, so that makes me just in time to post my response to this week’s Writespiration, courtesy of Sacha Black. This week’s prompt is Choke, and as always, we have exactly 52 words with which to craft a response. Here’s mine:

He’d seen it online, other boys making it look easy. Just take the rope, loop it, and swing out.

He stood at the edge of the drop, rope rough in his hand, camera on.

He could do this, he thought, looping the rope. He swung out.

He wouldn’t…

The rope slipped.


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26 thoughts on “Writespiration #104 – Choke

  1. *Gulp* not the sort of thing you’d want to see on FB live. Nice work, though, Helen. You certainly managed to convey that awful feeling of knowing what was going to happen and wanting to hide behind the cushion, over to me when I read it.

  2. Well… I wasn’t expecting that from you, Helen. I guess because it involved a child. But excellent writing as always. Sacha’s prompts are excellent, and this 52 word thing is not easy. I am full on in essay mode right now… but in another 8 weeks I will be done till mid september. Maybe I will find some inspiration for something a little more creative then. 😊

    • Yes, a few people have commented that it’s a bit unlike my usual style. I don’t know where it came from – I read the word choke and could see the kid standing there, rope in hand. The mind is a strange thing! And Sacha’s prompts are great, I definitely agree 🙂 Hope essay mode passes quickly and without too much pain, Ali – but how amazing that in eight weeks you’ll have completed your first year of study!

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