Wednesday Wander – Tenby, South Wales

This week I’m wandering to the pastel picture-postcard town of Tenby, in the south of Wales. Set on a beautiful stretch of coastline, the oldest part of the town is enclosed by a medieval stone wall, built for defense after repeated successful sackings of the then-Norman town by Welsh forces.

There is thought to have been a settlement here as early as the 9th century, and the current town features architecture from a variety of periods. It’s well known for the pastel colours many of the old town houses are painted, making for a colourful photograph even on a dull day.

The town has seen its fortunes change several times over the centuries, from a being an important medieval town to becoming almost a ruin in the 17th century, after it declared for Parliament during the Civil War and was consequently overrun and sacked. A plague ten weeks later wiped out much of the remaining population, and it sank into disrepair. However, the late eighteenth century passion for sea-bathing restored its fortunes, and investment led to new building, creating much of the town you see today.

Nowadays Tenby, with its golden beaches and colourful houses, is a popular holiday destination, tourists coming to discover sea, sunshine and history down its curving alleyways. The annual Wales Ironman competition is also held there, a rousing end to the summer season. I don’t know about you, but I would love to live in a pastel coloured house by the sea, watching the waves and sky change colour. Perhaps I’ll get to, one day…  🙂

Thanks for coming on another Wednesday Wander with me – see you next time!

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18 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – Tenby, South Wales

  1. That’s not *that* Welsh castle, is it? No, that was a different one you posted some other time – wasn’t it? Regardless, I want to go there…

  2. We live about a 90-minute drive from Tenby, Helen. I was there for a book fair last September. It is a beautiful little town and I can see why it was so busy when we were there. Quint little streets and lots of lovely little shops to explore, as well that a gorgeous beach of course.

    • Thanks, Suzie – maybe I’ve missed my calling as a travel writer ;-D I’d like to go back to Tenby too – maybe if we do that writing retreat we’ve been talking about it might be an option…? x

  3. Lovely photos, Helen and Tenby looks gorgeous. Never been, though it should be doable from here in Bristol. Actually, Bristol itself always feels a little like the seaside to me – similar coloured houses climbing up the hillsides, always the sound of gulls and the harbour and the boats … Just love the British seaside 🙂

  4. Lovely post, Helen. I love those multi-colored buildings and narrow cobblestone streets. And they smell like moss and the sea and the breeze…like how turquoise would smell. Your pics remind me of the seaside towns in the Isle of Man.

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