Things I’ve Learned in Four Years of Blogging

The wonderful Suzie Speaks blog has just turned four! Congratulations, Suzie – what a wonderful journey you’ve been on so far! I first connected with Suzie a couple of years ago via another blog, and I’m so glad I did – she has been a supportive blogging buddy and become a real friend. Here she tells us about all she’s learned in four years of blogging – it’s well worth a read, so hop on over to her blog and check it out. Congratulations, Suzie! xx

Suzie Speaks

Blogging advice

Today marks the four year anniversary of Suzie Speaks.

Four years, 838 posts (if you don’t count the hundreds that I’ve deleted), a collective following of nearly 19,000 people, nearly 780,000 views, the biggest blogging hashtag of the weekend, an amazing Facebook group and three awards.

Since starting the blog I have quit my job, got engaged, gained a brother-in-law and gorgeous squidgy niece, travelled, attended events, reviewed everything from restaurants and cocktail bars to theatre shows, hotels and products, made a whole bunch of new friends and experienced things that I could only have dreamed of in what I consider to be my previous life. What an unbelievable journey.

The blog began as a simple online journal – an outlet to try and calm the stress and anxieties I was experiencing at the time. There were no expectations or dreams, just a desire to write. However, as my blogging…

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