The Annual Bloggers Bash – Nominations are open!

The Annual Bloggers Bash, brainchild of Sacha Black, is less than two months away! Ably assisted by Ali Isaac, Geoff LePard and Hugh Roberts, Sacha has arranged another fantastic event in the heart of London – I’ll be attending, can’t wait! I went to the first and second Bashes, where I met some wonderful bloggers, as well as being amazed at how much the event grew in the space of a year.

Suzie from Suzie Speaks and me at last year’s event

Apart from getting to mingle with loads of lovely bloggers, there are also awards given out on the day. Categories include: Funniest Blogger, Hidden Gem, Most Informative… you get the idea. And, Sacha has just announced that nominations are now open for this year’s Bash – all you need to do is visit Sacha’s site and fill in the form. You can also get tickets and find out more about the day, so if you haven’t checked it out, head on over and take a look (and if there’s a blog you’d like to nominate for anything *cough* you know, you can nominate it there).

Throwback to everyone meeting at the very first Bash πŸ™‚

Happy weekend, everyone πŸ™‚

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17 thoughts on “The Annual Bloggers Bash – Nominations are open!

  1. I’m going to try to make it, so we might meet at last! It’s right in the middle of a dressage show I’m judging at in Hampshire, but I’m going to try to wangle one day off – fingers crossed.

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