Beltaine Fire and Butterfly Dreams

Today is May Day, or Beltaine in the old calendar, the first day of summer and the festival that falls halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

The garden is green and humming, the blossom almost gone, the promise of Summer’s warmth just over the horizon. Last night I dreamed of a purple butterfly landing on my face, flapping delicate wings as it clung to my cheek. Apparently, to dream of such things is a sign of change, and for the butterfly to land on me signifies that the change will be positive. And to dream of such a thing on May Day Eve? I don’t know, but it seems to add another layer of significance. Or perhaps it was just a dream…

Today the sun aligns with stones, tonight fires will burn on the hillsides, if only in memory, the old customs not yet forgotten. And perhaps I will dream once more…

Note: Ali Isaac, mistress of Irish mythology, has written several posts about the myth and magic behind this festival – click here and here to read more.

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22 thoughts on “Beltaine Fire and Butterfly Dreams

  1. Blessed Bealtaine, Helen! In Irish myth, Etain was transformed into a purple butterfly. Perhaps she’s trying to tell you something. Love summer, and butterflies. And today the sun has been shining all day, and even the breeze had some warmth in it. Bliss! 😊

  2. I was about to write, facetiously, that its finally stopped raining for the last 24 hours but I looked out my window, and there it is, rain! Happy soggy Beltane. 😀

  3. I love England’s May Day festivals and celebrations! We don’t have them over here, due in no small part, I suspect, to the fact May signifies the approaching winter. And I’m sure the butterfly meant more than just a dream …

  4. My dreams have been troubling as of late, but could potentially make for some interesting future reads so I won’t complain too much. I love the photos though and hope you had a wonderful day.

    • Thanks, Allie – it was a bit rainy at first but then the sun came out, so overall a nice start to summer (at least by British weather standards!) And I’m sorry to hear your dreams of late have been troubling – I guess potential storylines are a (small) silvery lining xx

  5. What a beautiful and symbolic dream on the eve of Beltane. I love May Day and Beltane and all the countries and cultures that celebrate it make the day that much more beloved as its another shared positive thing in this world. ❤ Lovely photos. Happy (belated) Beltane.

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