A Ramble In More Ways Than One

I missed my Wednesday Wander this week! Not because I didn’t have anywhere to write about, but because I’ve been deep into Ambeth these past two weeks, doing a fine toothcomb edit of Under Stone, the fourth instalment in the series. The story has taken me over again and I’ve been immersed fully into it, emerging only to eat, sleep, go to work and take care of my (slightly bemused) family. Oh, and watch Game of Thrones, of course, because DRACARYS – how good was the last episode? It took me a day to recover, I swear.

However, last night I edited the final word in the final chapter, and so this morning I decided to take a break and walk to work along the canal, something I’ve not had the chance to do for a few weeks. Not much had changed along there – it was still green, lush branches almost trailing in the still water in some places, creating archways over the slightly muddy path. There were more ripe blackberries than before, reminding me to bring a container next time I walk that way, their juicy goodness destined for my freezer and winter pies. But mostly, it was just the same.

And that was just what I needed. A reminder of the real world. Not so far removed from the green gardens and hidden pathways of Ambeth, but real enough. The grey heron was in his usual spot on the fallen tree at the widest part of the canal, preening his feathers in the sunshine. Canada geese, ducks and swans sailed past, silver fish jumped, canal boats reflected in the dark waters. As I walked I felt in some way as though I were waking up again, from a self-imposed slumber where all I did was dream of another land.

This afternoon after work I watched the gorgeous girl in a show, caught up with friends and had dinner with my family. Later, I might take my tea and sit in the garden as dusk falls, watching the sky change colour and listening to the rustle of birds as I cradle my cup close, enjoying the warmth. The nights are cool, even though it’s August, a hint of autumn around the corner, my favourite time of year. The Perseid meteor shower is happening now, with the peak expected this weekend. If I can, I’ll sit out and watch the stars fall – I did so years ago, driving out to the countryside and sitting in the darkness, light streaking across the sky above. I’ve never forgotten it.

And then it’s back to work. A final edit, some work on the cover design and a few other related items, as well as another story begging to be completed. There are blog posts to write, as well, people to visit in their online domains. But for tonight I think I’ll just sit and consider, taking a moment to breathe and remember who I am before I dive back in again.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend 🙂

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24 thoughts on “A Ramble In More Ways Than One

  1. Great to hear you got right back into it. I’ve just begun book 3 in my epic series, after stopping to learn how to structure it before throwing myself under a bus because I had so many ideas and threads I didn’t know where to start! The dangers of being a pantser, even if only a semi-pantser. I think I can safely say I’ve gone over to the dark side now; more plotter than pantser – something I swore I would never do.
    Re GoT – only 1 day to recover??? I’m still watching stuff on YouTube about how they filmed it, wrote it, acted it etc. Maybe by next week I’ll be ready for the next one.
    OMG, that was AWESOME!!!

    • Yes, tbh I’m still reading and watching stuff about that episode – the shot of Drogon destroying that wagon train was unbelievably good! I can’t wait till Mondays now 🙂
      And, like you, I’m a bit of a Pantser, which is why this book has taken sooo much longer than I planned – I think I may have to go over to the dark side too… 🙂 Good luck with book three!

      • One of the YouTube segments about the filming was featured on the Horse and Hound online update, singling out the Devil’s Horseman and how they did that amazing charge standing on their horses backs.
        What is truly amazing is how much of that battle was live filmed, and not CGI.
        Apart from the gruesome bits. And the unbelievable dragon ride, of course.

      • Yes, I love how much they do live, rather than relying on CGI – it gives it that extra bit of realism. And I loved the standing on horseback bit! The director also did a fab job drawing on Western movie imagery, it was just so well done overall. I might have to watch it again… 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re in the zone. I would love to spend some time touring around on a canal boat. As for GOT, I always turn on an hour early and rewatch the last episode before the new one comes along. That whole dragon scene was incredible.

    • I really am, Craig – Ambeth and another book have been taking all of my time of late, and I’m sorry I’ve not been around to visit. Hope life is treating you well 🙂 And I like your way of watching GOT – I might have to try it this week (although I’ve already been watching Drogon smoke everything over and over online :-D)

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  4. Lovely pics, Helen. It does look lovely down there. And that one of the grey heron… amazing that you could get so close, he must be quite tame. Congrats on the writing… 4th of the series already, that’s fantastic! Last week’s episode of GoT was Incredible, best ever. Tonight’s was pretty good too though… can’t believe there are only two episodes left this series already!

    • Thanks, Ali – he does seem used to people being around. I was surprised he didn’t fly off when I stopped to take his photo 🙂 And book four is still tick tick ticking along, so much to do (you know what it’s like). Oh, and GOT is KILLING me, it’s so good! And I’m away the next two Mondays so I won’t get to see those episodes till I get back. I’ll have to stay off Twitter, I guess… Hope you’re having a lovely summer xx

      • Just can’t believe how quickly it’s flying by, Helen. This happens to me every year… you’d think I’d learn. 😊 Hope you’re enjoying yours. 😙

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