A Small Update

Life has been extremely busy of late. Part of it has been getting back into the routine of work and school and extracurricular activities, part of it has been all the writing I’m trying to cram in to every spare moment.

For I am writing a LOT at the moment. Funny, the busier we get the more we seem to get done. They do say if you want something done, give it to a busy person and so it seems to be the case here.

Under Stone, Ambeth book four, is back out for a final read before publishing. Silver and Black, my vampire novel, is almost complete (though I may need a new name now that Marvel has greenlighted a superhero film with the same name). Another story, tentatively titled The Grove, has been demanding to be written, and I also have some editing underway, going back to an older story and revisiting the language.

A Thousand Rooms has been chosen as a feature book for September/October on Chick Lit Central, which is a huge thrill, and we’re giving away a signed copy to celebrate! Click here to visit the site and enter the comp.

But this weekend I’ll be doing something completely different. This morning I’m heading up to Scotland, to join Sue and Stuart and Steve, as well as the rest of the companions, for a Silent Eye weekend. I did one last year – you can read about it here – and it was a completely profound experience.

This time we’ll be wandering the stones with Running Elk, who knows the area well. I’m looking forward to the change in pace (though I’m praying for reasonable weather), and the chance to see somewhere new. I’ll be back Sunday and will blog about the experience, as I’m sure it will be quite something!

Happy weekend, everyone 🙂

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29 thoughts on “A Small Update

  1. You are one busy gal! That’s ok though because you are rather productive. I’m actually in awe of how you can do it all. I tried mutiple projects and ended up crashing when life got hectic. What’s your secret? How do you remain productive with writing and still maintain life at home? Congrats on everything! Keep up all the great work!

    • Hey Anthony, nice to hear from you – how are things? Hope all is well 🙂 As for my secret, I don’t have one, really. Other than I’m learning how to prioritise, and how to let go of things when I’m doing too much. Juggling home life is tough though – I do work whenever I get the chance, carrying my laptop all over the place! And I tend to read multiple books at one time, so perhaps that’s why I can work on multiple stories at one time? How is your writing going?

      • Well, my writing isn’t as steady as it use to be. Just some personal troubles and life been attacking my drive 😣 I’m starting to get back into it again now, but I’m finding it very hard. I think its because I have little time alone now and by time I do have time alone, I’m dead tired. Ugh! I won’t give up though. Thanks for letting me know how you get things done. You’re so awesome. 😁

      • Aw, Anthony, thank you – you’re pretty awesome too, for sticking with your writing despite all you’ve been going through. I hope life picks up for you soon and definitely, don’t give up x

  2. What are you talking about? That seems like a perfectly normal amount of activity. Ask my to-do list. *palms a note that reads ‘help me’ while blinking SOS in morse code*

  3. You’re so cool that even Marvel jacked your book name! Hahahaha! I can’t wait for either of your books to come out. I’ve been jonesing for a new read recently.

    Busyness and productivity is so true! When I’m busier (to a certain extent) I get waaaaay more done. The only time this wasn’t true was when I was burnt out in an accelerated masters program and that didn’t last long! I’m super good at time management so it’s amazing to me that I live in a place where nothing gets done ever! 😀 #nolifegoals 😉

    • Haha you’re awesome! Thank you, I wish 🙂 Ambeth four is coming soon soon soon, just need to sort out the cover and a couple of things then it’s good to go. And I’m glad you get the whole busy thing – it’s funny, isn’t it? Although we busy types do have to be careful not to burn out, as you say… I’m getting better at seeing where things have to give, prioritising. 🙂

      • Yes! I agree 100% with the time management thing. Last summer I wasn’t working and you’d think that I’d write another novel and learn the entire Spanish language. But no, I only knock out 3 novels in 6 months when I work 60 hour weeks! 😀 Praise the Lord I no longer work 60 hour weeks 😉 hahaha!

  4. Congrats on getting so much writing done and having your book chosen as a feature! That’s wonderful. Have a lovely time at your Silent Eye weekend. I’d love to do that someday… Give Sue a hug for me. 🙂

    • Oh, I liked it very much! And I did think of you when I was up there, but I didn’ have any free time with the workshop, otherwise I would have looked you up 🙂 I do hope to visit Aberdeen properly another time, I really liked it up there!

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    • Thanks, Graeme 🙂 It was an intense weekend as I’m sure you can imagine, still processing it all! And thank you – the writing is going well, though I wish I had more time to do it. Hope it’s going well for you too 🙂

      • Knowing Sue and Stu, yes, I can imagine. Good fun, though, I’m sure.
        As for my writing, it’s getting better, but I’ve struggled to get into a routine. Who’d have thought having more time available would present that problem? Then again, as you’ve said (and I remember my dad saying it too), if you want something doing… I clearly need to make myself busier!

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