The Wedding!

I was lucky enough to attend a very special event this past weekend – the lovely Suzie from Suzie Speaks married her handsome Bloke! ❤️ Pop on over to Suzie’s site and read more…

Suzie Speaks

My napkins on each place setting

After a lovely weekend it’s back down to earth – The Bloke is now back at work for a while before we go on the honeymoon and I have returned to the the online world. It’s been more strange than I expected in the fact that it hasn’t been strange at all – I was told by numerous people that I would feel different, but I don’t at all, apart from the fact that I greet him with ‘hello, husband!’ every time he walks through the door…

The wedding was lovely. I was told to expect something to go wrong, but absolutely nothing did – our duty manager for the day, Derek, kept things running like clockwork (he’s ex-military so that helped) and everyone seemed to have a great time.

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2 thoughts on “The Wedding!

  1. Now you are a Married, clever, craft making, blog writing, social media queen that made my face wet by sharing your wonderful day. Thank you … I didn’t’ fancy washing my face today so you saved me the job. Be always happy Suzie

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