A Blogging Blip and an Anniversary

Yesterday, as I usually do on a Wednesday, I put together my latest Wednesday Wander post and hit Publish.

But a funny thing happened. While my dashboard assured me that the post was, in fact, published, when I clicked the link to view it all I got was:

Oops, this page doesn’t seem to be here.

Strange, I thought. I went back into the dashboard, thinking perhaps I’d left the page too quickly, negating something mysterious in the process of click to publication. But my post was there, still insisting it was, in fact, published. I could update it if I wanted to, but it was definitely out there.

Except it wasn’t.

After trying a few more times I gave up. Perhaps the Happiness Engineers were tinkering with something, or perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. I went to bed, planning on looking at it again this morning.

But when I woke up, there it was. My shiny new post, published as promised. Whichever gremlin had been holding it had released it from their claws. So that’s one less thing I need to do today.

There is plenty to do around the house this morning, but I plan on taking a moment of reflection. For today is an anniversary. Six years ago I returned to the UK, my family in tow, arriving on a snowy dark day to the land of my birth. I sometimes wonder what would have happened had we stayed in Australia. I’m not sure if I’d be writing the books I’m writing. I’m quite sure there are several wonderful friends I would never have met. But, as Aslan says, we are never meant to know ‘What if.’

I’m happy that we’re here, even though there are dear friends and family I miss in Australia. That is the lot of a wanderer, I suppose. And so today I will pause, to reflect on the past and celebrate the present.

Hope your day is wonderful, wherever you are πŸ™‚

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15 thoughts on “A Blogging Blip and an Anniversary

  1. Plead to hear your post got sorted. I didn’t know you moved back her from Australia, must have been a worry at the time. I hope you’re having a wonderful day too πŸ™‚

  2. I checked your post in the early hours this morning, and could see no likes against it…even though the post was up an the notification came thorugh last night. I cam to the same conclusion… ‘they’ are playing again. There have been some weird blips the last few days…

      • OK, I thought so, Helen. I’ve had a couple of posts which I have published immediately and which failed to turn up straight away. Not only that, but they also failed to show up on the reader. What I found out is that the clock just under the publish button was slow by a few minutes. Therefore, when I clicked on the publish button, WordPress thought I had published the post two minutes before I actually did publish it. This ended up confusing WordPress and it took time for the site to show my post. I’ve reported it to WordPress and they thanked me and said the best advice was to schedule any posts, I want to publish immediately, a few minutes ahead of the actual time it is. So as not to have to rush, I now schedule posts to go out 10 minutes ahead of what the current time is. So far, I’ve had no further problems.

      • Oh, thanks Hugh – that’s really useful information. I have a post to go out this morning so will give scheduling a go! Thanks so muhc – hope you’re having a nice weekend πŸ™‚

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